We are a husband and wife team who have decided to put our areas of expertise in one place, and create a site to help you become a successful big game hunter, and provide you with tips and techniques for fishing in Alaska.

Clint was born and raised in South Eastern Oregon, started hunting at a very young age, and has been an avid hunter for about 25 years. He recently started a taxidermy business(Natural Impressions), which led him to another venture….creating one of a kind pieces of art. He has an array of custom finishes for skulls and is the first I’ve seen to create bronze and rusted shoulder mounts/ sculptures. We will be posting new items for sale on this site as they are produced, giving our followers the first chance at purchasing them.



Courtney is native to Alaska and was born and raised in Ketchikan. Her dad, grandparents, uncle(s), and aunt are all commercial fishermen. She has a great knowledge base and connections with anything in regards to fishing in the area. Her dad has commercial fished for salmon and halibut for about 30 years. The beauty of Alaska is unlike anything else, and the goal here is to provide you with information you really want and need to know.

Thank you for coming to our site! I hope we can provide you with some good techniques, tips, guides, reviews, and anything else you may be interested in.






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