Hunting and Fishing | The Great Outdoors Economical Statistics

According to U.S. Fish and wildlife(surveys are conducted every five years), an average of 13.7 million Americans hunt each year spending approximately 34 billion dollars on hunting gear, licenses, and hunting trips. Hunters help create and support more than 680,000 jobs in the United States alone.

In regards to fishing, more than 33 million people fish every year, spending 41.8 billion dollars on trips, equipment, and licenses.

If that isn’t enough, more than 71 million people engaged in wildlife watching, spending an additional 55 billion dollars. Between hunting and fishing this is a whopping 131 million dollar(and growing) industry per YEAR!

Hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors is not only great for America’s economy, but has been proven to improve a person’s health. Particularly improving one’s mental health(anxiety, stress, and depression). There is nothing more serene than the beauty of nature.

What is the goal of this website?

This site is designed to provide you with techniques, tips, resources, videos, and top quality information in regards to our areas of expertise. Hunting and fishing are two areas we are very passionate about and have a wide breadth of knowledge in. We will also be posting and selling original pieces of art on this site and will notify you as they are created if you subscribe to our page. 


*statistics provided by US Fish and Wildlife: 2011 National Survey